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ILS Tracking

ILS Tracking

ILS Tracking provides an asset tracking solution with real time coverage of assets location, speed, direction, status, and performance. ILS Tracking allows personnel to view different levels of visual detail as required, including surrounding terrain. Clear visible icons automatically adjust to match the scale of the map viewed. Unique tracking device IDs can be associated with vehicles or route numbers for easy user identification as well. The interface has options for viewing scalable, color maps with real-time positions, viewing a history of vehicle position data, viewing and updating vehicle records, adding and editing map landmarks, and printing reports/screen shots.

It will help you verify employee productivity, monitor and correct dangerous driving habits, and optimize your organization’s efficiency. You can also perform route and location management tasks, as the software allows you to create/modify routes, place objects on maps, and create locations. A control panel also allows you to control vehicles from your desktop by sending them command signals such as setting a speed limit, shutting down an engine, lock/unlock vehicles, and even send notifications to the drivers. An integrated container tracking system can also be provided to customers for real time information about their shipments. That isn’t just to satisfy your curiosity, but it is a critical resource to have in the race to the consumers.

ILS Tracking has the ability to be used on iOS and Android mobile software for live monitoring anywhere you go!

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Vehicle Tracking

Track your fleet in real time using advanced GPS, GPRS, and Satellite tracking software and hardware. You can send commands to your vehicles, communicate with drivers, create geographic locations, and view driver and vehicle’s performance while on the road. Imagine your managers in the passenger’s seat, imagine ILS Tracking.

Container Tracking

Advanced Container tracking technology that serves to facilitate more efficient logistics support for customs, ports, and transportation companies. Deliver your container without any losses, protect them against damages and theft, ensure your clients goods are safe, track containers step by step, and much more.

Valuable Asset Tracking

Valuable assets that are vulnerable to vandalism while operating remotely are kept safe using ILS Tracking. ILS Tracking does this by deploying additional security hardware and software that will notify you whenever any interference occurs. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that even if your assets are stolen or damaged, you will be able to recover them and maybe even catch who did it. Track your ATM machines, Commercial Waste bins, and even people!

  • Key Features and Benefits:
  • Tracking Vehicle and shipments
  • Point of Interest Management
  • Geo Fencing
  • Routes Management
  • Regions Management
  • GPS Tracking/localization/Progress reports
  • PDA & RFID Integration
  • Performance Logging
  • Sensor integration for increased security
  • Alerts and Triggers
  • Send commands to vehicles
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