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AHCC is a multinational “One Source Solution Provider”

Who We Are

AHCCinc is a global software solution developer and system integrator founded in 1996 in Toronto, Canada.
We develop business automation solutions for SMBs, enterprises, and government entities to enable efficiency, cost savings, and higher quality levels of service for organizations across 6 industries.
Our clients are large and medium size enterprises that are looking to take their businesses to the next level through process optimization and automation.
This positions us as an end-to-end solution provider, and positions our clients for success because they don’t have to work with multiple vendors to achieve project success.
AHCC specializes in rapid software development, off the shelf logistics software, system integration, and process reengineering to achieve business automation.
We’ve successfully integrated the ILS Platform with other third party systems during multiple projects.
Whether it’s an ERP system, web based, or even operating hardware such as point of sale machines and handheld devices.
AHCC is a proud partner of Microsoft, Oracle, and ESRI Global, and multiple hardware partners worldwide such as Falcom and Bluebird.

What We Do

Your company has unique difficulties and ever changing needs, which is why all of our products are fully customizable to give you all tools your business requires. Our flagship platform, the Integrated Logistics System (ILS®) has 23 vertical modules that are fully customizable to fit the size and scope of any project, and easily integrate with your existing applications. Our specialties are in Fleet Management Systems Resource Management Software, system integration, and rapid custom application development.

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